Azanta Rezwana Mirza – An Introduction

Written by Md. Makame Mahmud Bhuiyan

Azanta Rezwana Mirza is the only person beyond institutes providing training to be a successful content writer in Bangladesh. 

She began to love writing when she was in the JAAGO foundation. She had to deal with the writing for JAAGO’s two websites, several social media pages, and every kind of business writing. In her content writing career, she has more than 150 clients, 300+ ebooks, and thousands of articles.

Ms. Mirza achieved the Best Women Freelancer award in 2021 from BFDS(Bangladesh Freelancer Development Society). She has even played a role in developing a content writing curriculum with NSDA(National Skill Development Agency).

Today freelancing is the most talked about topic globally, and many people are building careers in content writing. Azanta Rezwana Mirza helped people to learn this special skill and develop their careers. She took it as her social responsibility and has not chosen to establish an institute. Thus, she conducts the training at a minimum cost.

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