Learn what freelancing is, and why it is such an exciting concept these days!

Welcome, and may this mode of an exciting, alternative career be the right choice for you!

Why am I calling ‘freelance‘ work an alternative career choice?  It is certainly not something new that we, the new generation, has suddenly discovered out of the blue!  People have been successfully working for themselves for decades. However, never have there been so much hype about this choice, till now!

It is the present generation of Bangladesh actually who have suddenly found ‘freelancing’ or ‘outsourcing’ to be a fad. There’s ample reason for that.  Compared to the local talent we host in our country, the job market is tiny. Our job market caters only to a percentage of the population.  Our offices and institutions may be able to house thousands of teachers, doctors and engineers. The professionals in our country are given a salary suitable to their potential in most cases. However, it is really hard to do the same for job-seekers who have talent in more unconventional sectors.  

Thousands of our graduates who are skilled and talented do not find jobs that can challenge them enough intellectually.  

What Can We Do?

There are only a limited number of websites to be built, only a number of mobile apps to be designed for the Bangladeshi market. Our writers only have a few magazines to write for!

The job market always sees an imbalance in demand and supply; there are never enough jobs for everyone!  On top of that, there are not enough interesting jobs for everyone to do. At least, there’s not a lot of interesting jobs in the local market.

… and that’s where the international market comes into use.

When we have the whole world in our disposal, why depend solely on the offices and businesses in our city?  Why go around the block looking for jobs when there is an employer in Las Vegas, Nevada, or Darwin waiting for someone just like us?

And why should you settle for a job that pays adequately and gives us a social standing? Why, when our dream job is just waiting for us online?

Why Are Online Marketplaces So Important?

Online marketplaces have done just that! They have crossed the barriers of geographical boundary to take us to jobs that are suitable for our aptitude. Never mind that the employer might be sitting in another continent, speaking another language and eating something completely different. If we are what they are looking for, we are what they are going to get.

All thanks to Freelancing and Online Marketplaces!

How long are we going to use the Internet only for using Facebook? For downloading illegal movies and for wasting our time, in general? With the power of Internet in our hands, it’s time to look for employment outside our comfort zone. We can look beyond our city or country, or even our continent for work that pays well.

What is Freelancing and Why is it so Important?

“Freelancing” or “being a freelancer” basically refers to when we don’t tie ourselves to a specific client or a particular job, but expand ourselves to look for work beyond the local market.

In our country, by “freelancing” we also mean to work for a client living and working in another country. We can do so through the different online marketplaces where clients look for freelancers and we look for work.

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