Is there enough work in online marketplaces for you?

The answer, initially, is yes. There is enough work to go around for everyone, even with the thousands of people who are opening their UpWork, Freelancer and Fiverr accounts everyday. Clients from the around the world are also, at the same time, entering the same marketplaces with their jobs – some small and some long-term ones.

Whether you have a background in Economics or in law, in Engineering or in Computer Science, there will be employers who are going to need your skills in their work and is looking for you. Whether you are a English Literature graduate or a Medical student, you will probably find something to catch your attention. If you want to have nothing to do with your education but pursue your passion, you will get work!

Nonetheless, you won’t have to even stick to what you studied in college or university; you can advance with and succeed in a whole new career that you are passionate about. Take me for example: my background is in Economics, but my passion in life has always been writing. For as long as I can remember, I have been reading, and writing … for a long time! This is my passion in life that I have chosen to pursue, not the subject I have studied. Does it matter that I don’t have a degree in English Literature? No, it certainly doesn’t! No one cares whether I have a piece of paper saying I have studied Literature; all that matters is that I have what it takes to write!

I have known a Law student who has worked as an eBook writer, a Masters in Development Science who wrote product reviews between jobs, and a Computer Science Graduate who completed more than 20 hours of transcriptions in her semester vacations. And these are only my friends and families …. !! There are thousands others out there like us who have pursued our passion and our skills in various sectors.

What type of work can you expect to get on such an online marketplace? The answer is in the figures below, where you can see that there’s work available in almost every field that’s possible. Whether you are a English Literature graduate who loves to design logos, or a Computer Science graduate who loves to write – there is work available for you!

All you need to do is to find something that you love and that you are good at, and you are good to go ahead and try your hand! 

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