How to Find the Right Jobs on Online Marketplaces like, Fiverr or Upwork shouldn’t be random. In fact, a lot of thoughts should go into finding the right jobs for yourself.

In these online freelancer marketplaces, clients post jobs for the kind of freelancers or skills they are looking for. Based on their personal preferences, they can look for voice-artists, writers, designers or digital marketers. We, the freelancers who want to earn with those skills, have to apply for these jobs.

What are Job Posts on Online Freelance Marketplaces?

A job post on Upwork or looks just like the job posts we see hanging on bulletin boards, community centers, local libraries or offices of HR companies. They would, in details, explain what the client is looking for, what payment they are offering to pay, what the deadline is for the job, and more information.

On online freelance marketplaces, there are hundreds of job posted every minute, on a number of different skills and categories. They look the same as a local company advertising a post they want to hire someone for, with all the details that is associated with that particular job post or project.


One difference: these job posts are all available only on the websites of these respective marketplaces. You’ll need to create an account and a profile on Upwork or to get access to these job posts.

How Can you Apply to a Job Post?

A freelancer will apply to the job.

How? That is the subject matter of another post. For now, it is important to know how to find the right jobs to apply to.

How to Find the Right Jobs to Apply to?

On Upwork and, you can apply to job posted by a client or a buyer.

On Fiverr, you have to create gigs that will attract clients to contact you. Fiverr is completely different from the other two marketplaces.

When you have a freelancer account ready and verified, the next obvious step would be to find the right jobs to apply to. This depends on a a lot of things.

What Kind of Jobs Should you Look For?

You definitely cannot apply for the first job post that you come across, because that wouldn’t be practical. To make sure that you get a response to at least 60% of the time, you should only apply for the jobs you are completely eligible for.

Number one point to look out for:
do you meet all the criteria mentioned by the client?

Clients frequently ask for freelancers belonging to a particular location, country or continent. This maybe because of what the job requires or because of the client’s personal preferences. Whatever the reason, it is very important to respect the client’s choices and stay away from applying to these jobs if you meet the requirements.

In case of jobs posts like the one above, only French Nationals or people living in France should apply to this particular job post. If you are from any other country of the world, it’s best not to apply even you meet the other requirements.

Number two point to consider:
Do you have the necessary skills?


The job post above is only for fiction-writers who can write in “Spanish”. If you don’t know the language or know how to write in that language, this job is definitely not for you.