Opening a freelancer account is how we enter any online freelance marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr or Knowing how to open a freelancer account is the first step of becoming a freelance worker looking for jobs or projects.

Creating a freelancer account on any one of these online marketplaces isn’t much different than opening an account on Facebook or Twitter. Neither is it much different than setting up a bank account in your name. In all these cases, you need to provide some formal informal about yourself, information you already know.

Opening a Freelancer Account

So, how do you open a Freelancer Account on Online Marketplaces?

The information you’ll need to submit to open a freelancer account on these online marketplaces include your:

  • Actual or Official Name, i.e. the name on your Birth Certificate or National ID Card/Social Security Card
  • Email ID – the one you intend to use for professional purposes
  • Location, i.e. the country and city you will be living in
  • Bank details or details for your payment getaway for when you want to withdraw your earnings
  • Password (make sure you’ve chosen a complicated one)

It’s more or less the same with all the online marketplaces. Whether you are starting your freelance career with Upwork, Fiverr or, the kind of information you need to add are similar.

How to Verify your Freelancer Account?

After you’ve submitted all these information, you can officially “Join” the platform. Of course, most marketplaces will take some time to verify your account, which you can do from your email ID. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours.

It is important to use a single email ID for your official work and Upwork. It is also recommended that the email handle should sound formal and mature. This is how your officially open a freelancer account on the most popular marketplaces online.

How to Pass the Test to Enter a Marketplace?

With Upwork, you need to take a test for your account to be launched by the platform. This test is known as the Upwork Readiness Test that you need to pass to be allowed to become a freelancer on Upwork. This is an easy test with only 10 MCQ questions and the answers can be found on Upwork.

The Upwork Readiness Test makes sure that you are ready to work on Upwork and that you know all the rules of the platform. If you read the guidelines posted on Upwork, you can answer all the questions easily.

What does the Upwork Readiness Test Look Like?

Here are a few examples of the kind of questions that you can find on the test:

  • Which of the following statements about your Job Success Score on Upwork are true? (Please check all that apply.)
  • Which items help you create a 100% complete profile? (Please check all that apply.)
  • What are the best practices for submitting a winning proposal through Upwork? (Please check all that apply.)
  • Which of the following describes your responsiveness score? (Please check all that apply.)

Therefore, as you can see, it is important that you read the guidelines and pass the test. The test will help you not just to enter Upwork, but also to understand the details of this marketplace.

This kind of test is a compulsory only on Upwork.

You don’t need to take or pass any test on Fiverr or to enter the marketplace.

How to Choose Between Freelancer and Client Account Types?

On, you can use the same account both as a freelance worker and a client. Whether you want to “hire a freelancer “or “work as a freelancer”, you can do so from the same account on When opening an account on this marketplace, there is only one option to choose your account type.

On Fiverr, too, all accounts are both “Buyer” and “Seller” accounts. You have to open a single account on Fiverr to work as a “freelancer” or a “client”. On Fiverr, the “Buyer” is the client who is going to post jobs and hire a freelancer and the “Seller” is the freelancer looking for work.

Upwork, however, is different. On Upwork, you need to choose between two options: “I Want to Work as a Freelancer” and “I want to Hire for a Project”.

If you want to work as a freelancer and look for jobs, choose “I Want to Work as a Freelancer” and if you are a client, choose “I want to Hire for a Project”.

[This is an important step on Upwork that a lot of new freelancers make mistakes in. They choose the wrong option instead of choosing “I want to work as a freelancer”.]

These are the main steps in opening an account on most freelance marketplaces like Upwork, and Fiverr, as well as the other ones. After these steps, you’ll have to create an attractive freelancer profile for yourself nd wait for your account to be verified.

You can find the details for this in another post soon.