Creating your Portfolio is the single most important step you can take before you begin your freelancing journey. In fact, a portfolio is what you should create before you start your journey.

A portfolio is nothing but a collection of work samples. It is what you show your client to let them know what you are capable of.

If you are a writer, your portfolio with be a dozen of sample articles you have written in a number of niches and topics.

A graphic designer’s portfolio will be everything they can design or create. A web developer’s portfolio, ideally, would be a collection of all the websites they have created.

Your portfolio is proof that you have the skills you say you have!

Why is a Creating your Portfolio So Important?

When you want to work as a freelancer, your portfolio is going to be your biggest asset. Working online isn’t about graduating from a renowned university or getting amazing grades. 

Working online is only about having the skills your client is looking for.

A client from another country will not have heard of the university you have graduated from. They would not even care if you are a high-school dropout without a degree.

All your clients will care about is whether you are good at what you can do, and if you have the right skills.

How to show your potential clients your skills?

With your portfolio, of course!

Depending on what kind of work you are looking for, your portfolio is going to be be unique.

A photographer’s portfolio will be completely different from a writer’s and a writer’s portfolio is going to be different from a web developer’s.

Our portfolios will have samples of our work.

It will be samples of what we can do, how well we do it, and what’s our skill level.

Of course, for the freelancing world, your portfolio has to be online.

This way, your potential clients can access your work wherever they are.

The picture above is a sample of how a writer’s basic portfolio is going to look like: a list of what we can write about.

It is also a list of what we have written before, so that any potential client can get an idea of our writing style.

What are the Other Ways to Show Your Portfolio?

If you are a writer, a blog can be a great portfolio, too.

Blogs are absolutely free to create, unless you want to monetise them. and are two of the best blog sites for you to create a blog of your writing samples without spending anything on them.

For more ideas about creating your own blog as a portfolio, read here.

Why is a Blog a Great Portfolio Idea?

The reason is simple: would your client prefer to simply click and link and get a look at all your work samples in an organised manner?

Or, would they prefer to download and read all the samples you send them?

Chances are, 99.9% of them would prefer the one-click-and-its-all-there option!

It just makes sense for your blog to be an organised way for your potential clients to see what you are capable of.

This is not just for writers, either.

Anyone can create a free blog for themselves to showcase their work: designs, animations, videos or anything else.

What other Portfolio Options are There?

Besides these two, there are actually several other ways to create a portfolio:

These are all free websites where you can create your online portfolio.

Whether you are a new freelance writer or an experienced one, it’s never too late to spend some time creating your portfolio.